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Business Background

Based in Anjou, Quebec, TRJ Telecom specializes in the deployment, modernization, and maintenance of telecommunications systems. Its network includes sensitive company intellectual property and confidential customer and partner data. With over 500 employees working across Canada, TRJ Telecom has quickly become a leading player in the growing telecommunications industry. To support its growth, TRJ Telecom has increasingly expanded its IT systems into cloud and virtualized network environments.

"In the face of today’s threat landscape, it is critical that companies adopt genuine AI for cyber defence. Darktrace gave us a solution
that no other technology could provide."
Damien Marle, Director of IT and IS


  • Technology & Telecoms


  • Needed to safeguard customer data and network infrastructure
  • Incomplete visibility into AWS cloud
  • Rapidly growing company with
    expanding attack surface
  • Lean security team


  • Increased confidence in security
    stack capabilities
  • Unmatched visibility into AWS
  • Machine learning approach detects
    threats as they emerge
  • Antigena autonomously responds to cyber-threats in real time

In today’s rapidly-evolving threat landscape, telecommunications organizations are uniquely vulnerable to cyber attacks. Because they deploy and maintain critical infrastructure, they are a natural target for ransomware attacks and other machine-speed threats. Though cyber security has always been a critical business concern for TRJ Telecom, its rapid growth and recent investments in cloud environments pushed the organization to adopt a more proactive approach to cyber defence.

As the company grew, the IT team recognized that increased interactions with customers, contractors, and third-party vendors would give rise to an expanded attack surface.

TRJ Telecom adopted a virtual environment to streamline processes throughout new remote locations. However, the new cloud environment introduced blind spots that quickly became a source of concern for the lean IT team. The legacy tools in TRJ Telecom’s security stack were struggling to keep pace with sophisticated threats, a challenge compounded by the company’s increasingly complex network infrastructure.

“We needed to align our security stack with the current state of the company,” commented Damien Marle, Director of IT and IS, TRJ Telecom. “Our perimeter defence had been essential in the beginning, but it was no longer sufficient in the face of new subtle threats, and we lacked visibility across our network.”



Following a thorough review of the security market, TRJ Telecom decided to deploy Darktrace’s platform into the core of its network. After a swift, one-hour installation, the Enterprise Immune System started to develop an evolving ‘pattern of life’ for every user and device on the network. Powered by AI algorithms and machine learning, Darktrace learns what is ‘normal’ for a network, enabling it to spot and stop genuinely anomalous threats that would have otherwise gone undetected.

TRJ’s security team was able to gain daily insights into its network though Darktrace’s Threat Visualizer, which provides an interactive interface of all network activity. Additionally, Darktrace’s technology provides unmatched visibility into TRJ Telecom’s AWS environment through lightweight sensors that perform the same autonomous threat detection and response.

“Before Darktrace, internal activity and lateral movements in the cloud were completely invisible,” said Marle. “When we activated the Cloud sensors, it was like flipping on a switch in a dark room. We now have complete visibility of our cloud infrastructure, allowing us to monitor all activity in our remote locations in a unified view.”


Equipped with the Enterprise Immune System, TRJ Telecom now feels confident that its security stack is resilient enough to protect against sophisticated cyber-threats. By tracking data flows in both the physical network and cloud environment, Darktrace can evaluate ongoing activity against TRJ Telecom’s normal ‘pattern of life,’ allowing for a highly refined detection system that has proven itself against even the most sophisticated and insidious threats.

When the Enterprise Immune System detects an emerging threat, Antigena autonomously takes precise action to ensure threats do not escalate into crises. By enforcing a device’s ‘pattern of life’, Antigena ensures that threats are remediated quickly while avoiding any interruption in TRJ Telecom’s daily operations.

With complete visibility of its physical and cloud environments, and the ability to spot and autonomously respond to threats in real time, TRJ Telecom has positioned itself as an organization that its collaborators can trust. Because Darktrace does not rely on known definitions of ‘bad’, it can detect the subtlest of
network breaches within seconds.

“Every project we take on brings our company deeper and deeper into the region’s critical infrastructure,” noted Damien Marle. “We needed to be sure that our data was secure and Darktrace gave us a solution that no other technology could provide. We now have visibility into our network and third-party
cloud environments, and are confident that our information is properly protected.”

"The Enterprise Immune System provides us with early threat detection and valuable network  visibility, augmenting our security team and helping prevent anomalies from becoming attacks."
Damien Marle, Director of IT and IS

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