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As business priorities continually shift, technology-enabled solutions play a critical role in enabling operational efficiencies, speed, agility and innovation, and drive global competitiveness, economic growth and national security.

Advanced technical solutions such as:

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Advanced Predictive Analytics
  • Behavioral & Social Data Applications
  • Enterprise Data Architecture (Big Data)
  • Crypto Currency
  • Block Chain
  • Chatbots and 3D Avatars
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Cyber Security Protocols
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Fraud Detection Tools
  • Best Practices / Ethics Management
  • Strategy / Data Governance
  • Change Management/Change Readiness Assessment
  • Business Engine Optimization (BEO)

OMNICHANNEL personalized service

  •  SIMPLIFY- streamline and optimize the online user experience
  •  CUSTOMIZE - improve compliance and risk control, customer life cycle management; supports next-best-action optimization
  • PERSONALIZE - quantify digital body language and behavioural cues across multiple devices, digital products and customer touch points
  • ITERATE – real-time omni-channel ecosystem, adaptive pricing, risk selection, at-risk clients, fraud, triage, ID trends, and more
  • INNOVATE – enterprise applications of robotics, chatbots, cognitive technology, natural language processing (NLP), block chain
  • AUTOMATE – reduce or eliminate highly repetitive and routine manual activities; data collection and data quality management (DQM)
  • CONVERT – analyze thousands of unique behavioral data points and predict outcomes in real-time to increase conversion rates
  • CONTROL - optimize customer-product behavioral dynamics based on business objectives (KPI’s)
  • RETAIN – tailor products and services to deliver highly targeted, personalized offers, deliver a seamless multi-channel experience, improve cross-sell/upsell

ai, big data & cognitive science

Seamlessly Integrate Data Across Functions

AI and cognitive science help healthcare organizations deliver the best predictions and outcomes for patients, while driving down costs and significantly personalizing patient care.

Our advanced analytics, big data, and cloud solutions have a systematic approach towards enterprise AI solutions:

  • Trusted AI partner for several Fortune 500 customers
  • Expertise in managing the cognitive journey for enterprise customers
  • Demonstrated capability in developing and deploying Enterprise AI applications
  • 99.99% Application uptime with minimal/no interruption


Combine Deep Learning-based professional services and modularized AI components according to your organization’s cognitive maturity.

Industry-Agnostic, Customer-Centric AI

What if you could leverage the technology you already have and build out your AI and Machine Learning capabilities - with minimal disruption?
  • Artificial intelligence has applications across numerous industries. But sifting through the AI hype is harder than ever, and it's difficult to determine who is actually using AI, and who is not.

    Combining technology, deep expertise and diverse experience, we offer unique flexibility and choice to organizations integrating AI and Machine Learning technologies into their digital transformation journey.

    By enabling AI, your organization increases operational efficiency; you make faster more informed decisions and innovate new products and services.

    Over time, these enhanced capabilities increasingly become key performance differentiators that drive the way for your organization to compete.

Let's work together to leverage your critical data to protect and preserve your business continuity:

  • Dramatically increase efficiency
  • Reduce expenses
  • More personalized customer engagement
  • Improve/modify existing products
  • Optimize workforce productivity
  • Create new business opportunities

Behavioral & Social Data Applications

Predictive analytics solutions, which identify patterns and connections humans can’t!


Educated guesses based on human analysis of historical data is putting business at risk, leaving a critical gap – and money on the table.

Necessary integrations can be complex, hampering many companies from committing resources to digital transformation initiatives.

Acquired Insights understands these complexities. Consolidate multiple sources of structured, semi-structured and unstructured predictive data to create a 360◦ real-time view of your business. 

  • Capture up to 20,000 data points within the first minute of interaction
  • Facilitate intelligent next-best-action and KPI optimization, adapting to customer behavior
  • Leverage behavioral data to improve conversion, forecasting, profitability, pricing, retention, and collections, while minimizing default, fraud, churn, cancellations
  • Facilitate mass digital product personalization based on customer-product behavioral dynamics and business objectives
  • Capture all customer and product lifecycle decisioning data, adapt to multiple financial products, intelligent workflows, and “back-end” business processes.
  • Facilitate straight-through-processing (STP)
  • Reduce time-to-market utilizing an iterative approach

No More Trial and Error
Using a combination of behavioral analytics tools, human behavior can be quantified — IN REAL-TIME.

Our focus is on the rapid implementation of highly customized, secure, non-intrusive solutions, leveraging existing client software, releases and legacy systems. Bridge the gap between disparate systems, processes, technology and people - effectively reducing exposure, risk, and liability.

Rooted in deep industry expertise, our cutting-edge AI research can achieve quantifiable business impact at unprecedented speed.
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