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Automated Migration Assessment in the Energy Industry

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Company Profile

  • German Multinational company

  • USA offices: Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; Manhattan, NY; Philadelphia, PA; San Francisco, CA

  • Employs ~19,790 worldwide

  • Generates Annual revenue >13 Billion €

  • Ranked by Forbes Global 2000 as the 297th largest public company



As the global energy economy transforms, RWE is organized around four core areas: Offshore Wind … Onshore Wind/Solar … Hydro/Biomass/Gas … Supply & Trading. These areas must continually disrupt competition to sustain profitability while reducing operations costs, and RWE’s SAP system plays an important role. In 2018 RWE moved to acquire Innogy in a complex 43 billion Euro transaction.

As a result of their mission, ambition and purpose, RWE decided to work with West Trax to gain an assessment of their SAP system As-Is facts, to evaluate intricacy to control expense.



Today, the company is investing 50 billion euros in “growing green” by 2030.Understanding the As-Is facts of their complex SAP system set the stage for forward business planning at RWE.

The West Trax|BTT Due Diligence Value Discovery Virtual Roundtable method actually let’s companies view all their actual As-Is, 6-level business processes transactions w/custom code, before the customer decides whether to buy the KPI Analyzer.


Cut Time & Costs

The West Trax Assessment KPI Analyzer – the innovation App – cuts 99% of the time and > 70% of costs of assessment workshops.

Automated Methodology

Proven to mitigate risk of human error and subjectivity, used by 1,800+ SAP customers.

“With the West Trax ELVA analysis we got transparency about the possibilities to quickly and comprehensively reduce the complexity of our large SAP systems. After implementing the West Trax recommendations to streamline the SAP system, we can reduce the cost of operating the system.”

Peter Meiritz



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