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Automated Migration Assessment in the Automotive Industry

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Company Profile

  • Canadian Automotive Company

  • Headquarters: Toronto, CA

  • Employs ~169,000 worldwide

  • Generates Annual revenue >$40 Billion

  • Recognized on the Forbes Global 2000

  • The company runs on more than 60 SAP ERP systems



Magna’s Technology Committee charter ensures digital transformation actions necessary in this competitive industry, examining trends with opportunities and risks. The company is highly decentralized, with decisions and federated budgets operated in regions where Magna manufacturing and R&D facilities are located, across the world.

Executives recognized that staying ahead of a rapidly changing industry requires an understanding of where it’s going. Thus, an initiative was created to determine Magna’s digital migration strategy. Magna leaders decided an assessment of the As-Is facts of their SAP systems business process transactions, with years invested in custom code, was the first critical step.


With the West Trax KPI Analyzer, the results were available after only 1 day. Providing an impressive level of detail and the scope of the analysis results, comprehensive key figures and benchmarks were enabled to perform a transparent comparison of their systems. In addition, this information helped set up a S/4HANA strategy, both from a financial and operational point of view.

The West Trax|BTT Due Diligence Value Discovery Virtual Roundtable method actually lets companies view all their actual As-Is, 6-level business processes transactions w/custom code before the customer decides whether to buy the KPI Analyzer.


Cut Time & Costs

The West Trax Assessment KPI Analyzer – the innovation App – cuts 99% of the time and > 70% of costs of assessment workshops.

Automated Methodology

Proven to mitigate risk of human error and subjectivity, used by 1,800+ SAP customers

"If we had used standard on-board resources, we would have needed years to develop our SAP S/4HANA strategy. Therefore, it was important to us to rely on innovative solutions and partners from the very beginning."

Klaus Schmitt

SAP Strategic Planning, Magna


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