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Automated Migration Assessment in the Financial Services Industry

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Company Profile

  • German Financial Services

  • Headquarters: Munich, Germany

  • Employs ~573 employees + >65k members / owners

  • Total Managing Assets >42 Billion €

  • 812 cooperative central banks for its two core areas of commercial and private property finance



Performance of the bank’s SAP system is a vital key to their profitability, managing total assets of more than $42B with just 573 employees dealing with 812 cooperative central banks for its two core areas of commercial and private property finance.

Founded with the support of the Bavarian government, the bank is focused on sustaining long-standing business relationships with customers.

Thus, Münchener Hypothekenbank prioritizes their SAP system’s operations with integrations and migrations that depend on the As-Is facts.



As-Is facts, in the West Trax automated assessment methodology, help Münchener Hypothekenbank maintain their claim of sustainable corporate governance in the daily course of business.

This includes strategies and measures to continually improve corporate governance, the sustainability of the business model, environmental aspects as well as all stakeholder interactions. Their SAP system’s GRC and finance modules are especially important to consider for Cloud innovations as the digital economy rapidly accelerates.

The West Trax|BTT Due Diligence Value Discovery Virtual Roundtable method actually let’s companies view all their actual As-Is, 6-level business processes transactions w/custom code, before the customer decides whether to buy the KPI Analyzer.


Cut Time & Costs

The West Trax Assessment KPI Analyzer – the innovation App – cuts 99% of the time and > 70% of costs of assessment workshops.

Automated Methodology

Proven to mitigate risk of human error and subjectivity, used by 1,800+ SAP customers.

“Concerning productivity and cost, we have achieved a new measured best practice result. With the Quality Award from West Trax we are able to prove this and make it visible. Now we know and we can always prove that we are contributing with the SAP system to meet our target in terms of Quality, Performance and Cost-efficiency.”

Dr. Bernhard Scholz

CEO, Münchener Hypothekenbank


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