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Automated Migration Assessment in the Logistics Industry

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Company Profile

  • American-Founded German logistics company

  • Headquarters: Bonn, Germany

  • Employs ~586k worldwide

  • Generates Annual revenue >81 Billion €

  • Ranked by Forbes Global 2000 as the 154th largest public company



DHL’s truck fleet faces the big problem in the industry … the shortage of drivers and technicians for hiring and retention. Truck downtime is costly for any firm and retaining the right people to maximize vehicle uptime is key to DHL-for-hire fleet ops. Today, DHL handles 1.5 billion parcels per year.

DHL needed to understand the As-Is condition of their major HR processes supported with SAP to improve operational efficiencies.


West Trax provided quantitative facts for the business case calculation based on the movement data of the last 3 years. As a next step, the process owners must now decide how the identified potentials can be implemented in specific process improvements/process optimizations.

Due to the quality of the analysis results so far, we are convinced that the results of the implementation will lead to significant simplifications and improvements in processes.

The West Trax | BTT Due Diligence Value Discovery Virtual Roundtable method lets companies view all their actual As-Is, 6- level business processes transactions w/custom code before the customer decides whether to buy the KPI Analyzer.         


Cut Time & Costs

The West Trax Assessment KPI Analyzer – the innovation App – cuts 99% of the time and > 70% of costs of assessment workshops.

Automated Methodology

Proven to mitigate risk of human error and subjectivity, used by 1,800+ SAP customers.

“West Trax has analyzed two important HR processes (hiring and leaving) on the basis of their HCM analyzer. The results initially made it clear where there are opportunities for optimization in terms of procedural implementation in our high-volume business.”

Norbert Achterwinter

Head of Dept. HR Services Solution Design


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