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What if you could reduce the As-Is Assessment of your SAP® footprint from 1 to 2 years to 1 DAY?

  • IT decision-makers lack facts about the health and usage of their SAP® systems.
  • What Business and Technology Leaders need today is an independent authority with a proven and reliable way to create a rapid and comprehensive understanding about their SAP® system’s landscape.
  • Measuring the “As-Is” Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) regarding the actual use of SAP® systems by end users, including vulnerabilities existing in the operation, custom code, and business processes transactions is CRITICAL.


  1. How can you drive more value from SAP® and create drill down decision support for prioritized business and technology transformations?
  2. How to optimize the transition to S/4HANA?
  3. How can you better understand the detail and implications on transformation of a specific SAP® footprint (to Level 6)?
  4. What is the ratio of vanilla Vs custom code; answering the “where” and the “why”?
  5. How many User Licenses are Passive Vs Active Users and cost for each?
  6. When was the last time SAP® licenses in any part of the SAP footprint were used?
  7. When was the last time the code was updated?
  8. How much of the SAP code is open to hackers and other security breeches?
  9. What does the unique roadmap for YOUR organization reveal and what is the best way to prioritize and optimize?
  10. How can you monitor the quality of transformation efforts quickly and reliably?


How can YOU remain cyber resilient in an unpredictable world?

  • The average breech takes 191 days (6.5 months) to detect using conventional tools - we detect and shut down breeches in seconds.
  • Traditional solutions are old, historical patches, our recursive tools constantly refine their accuracy in near real time.
  • 94% of attacks start with an email, yet traditional security controls are historical patches and continue to fall short. The situation is getting worse, as spear phishing, impersonation attacks, and deep fakes gain in subtlety and sophistication.


  1. What would happen to you and your organization if you fell victim of a cyber attack today?
  2. How has distributed work revealed chinks in your organizations’ security systems?
  3. What can you do to fight back against emerging cyber threats?
  4. With the threat landscape evolving rapidly, and the cost of breaches rising, how would you protect your critical digital assets?
  5. How concerned are you about AI-augmented cyber attacks?
  6. Are you faced with more areas to control as your digital capabilities are increased?
  7. Are you struggling to mitigate supply chain attacks?
  8. Has your organization thought about utilizing Cyber AI to augment your security team?
  9. How can you empower your organization to embrace the advantages of the cloud, while protecting against new-era cyber threats?


Our Cyber AI Solutions work based on the THREAT of a breach calculated in real time, based on evolving evidence - before the DAMAGE IS DONE! 

Seamlessly Integrate Data Across Functions

In practice, AI solutions have two major parts:
  • Big data, which involves aggregating the data, both structured and unstructured, easing its usage for decision-making
  • Using the data sets to experiment with statistical models to predict, automate, and detect anomalies


  1. What would you need to introduce, incorporate or expand your healthcare organizations' AI capabilities?
  2. Wouldn't it be better to leverage artificial and human intelligence to automate EHR navigation, clinical documentation, and order entry tasks for doctors?
  3. Health data is locked in silos, creating workflow inefficiencies and hindering digital transformation. How can you minimize the impact of digital transformation on business continuity?
  4. Have you considered how telehealth and digital theraputics can ensure faster care delivery and more equitable care?
  5. How can your healthcare organization transition from fee-for-service to the value-based care (VBC) model?


The transition to value-based care and digital theraputics to prevent, manage, or treat diseases  present viable solutions to improve patient care.

WHAT does implementing AI in your organization look like?

  • Improve the processing of structured and unstructured data
  • Identify and assess risks more accurately and in a shorter time frame
  • Iterate models and tests, by identifying vulnerabilities and failure points in the organizational infrastructure
  • Help create better disaster recovery plans by identifying "weaknesses" and inefficiencies in existing processes
  • Determine the value of critical resources
  • Help in increasing business efficiency


  1. Are you too busy watching your back to think ahead?
  2. Looking for ways for your organization to innovate and make your products, operations, and business models more compelling and competitive?
  3. Is it time for a digital transformation in your organization?
  4. Do you struggle with trusting AI to:
    - make intelligent decisions?
    - minimize false positives ?
    - not get in the way of conducting business?
  5. What if you could leverage the technology you already have and build out your AI and Machine Learning capabilities - with minimal disruption?
  6. Are you grappling with reaching, engaging with, and converting potential clients across a variety of channels?
  7. Would your organization benefit from faster, cheaper, and more reliable data processing?


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions that are based on an iterative and customer-centric approach. Empower your organization to improve corporate governance, manage the bottom line, and invest in strategic business growth.

Simplicity, Speed & Convenience

Facilitated by our foundational approach, Acquired Insights' Clarity™ Framework is a methodology that combines sophisticated technologies, advanced analytical insights and human expertise.

Create a full range of functional, agile and collaborative environments.

Our multi-faceted, non-intrusive Clarity™ Framework is a methodology that  consolidates connected devices, AI & machine learning, blockchain, data analytics, and platforms.  Clarity™ is so flexible, it can be used in a wide variety of industries AND is agnostic with respect to the source of data.

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