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What if you could reduce the As-Is Assessment of your SAP® footprint from 1 to 2 years to 1 DAY?
  • Disruption is accelerating globally. Some industries are being impacted more than others, but all industries will be impacted. This requires business transformation that includes people, process, channel, supply chain, and technology transformation.

  • IT decision-makers lack facts about the health and usage of their SAP® systems.

  • What Business and Technology Leaders need today is an independent authority with a proven and reliable way to create a rapid and comprehensive understanding about their SAP® system’s landscape.

  • Measuring the “As-Is” Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) regarding the actual use of SAP® systems by end users, including vulnerabilities existing in the operation, custom code, and business processes transactions is CRITICAL.

cyber security tools

How can YOU remain cyber resilient in an unpredictable world?
  • The average breech takes 191 days (6.5 months) to detect using conventional tools - we detect and shut down breeches in seconds.

  • Traditional solutions are old, historical patches, our recursive tools constantly refine their accuracy in near real time.

  • 94% of attacks start with an email, yet traditional security controls are historical patches and continue to fall short. The situation is getting worse, as spear phishing, impersonation attacks, and deep fakes gain in subtlety and sophistication.


Are you Looking to Seamlessly Integrate Digital Workers or RPA Solutions?
In practice, AI solutions have two major parts:
  • Big data, which involves aggregating the data, both structured and unstructured, easing its usage for decision-making
  • Using the data sets to experiment with statistical models to predict, automate, and detect anomalies


What does implementing AI in your organization look like?
  • Improve the processing of structured and unstructured data
  • Identify and assess risks more accurately and in a shorter time frame
  • Iterate models and tests, by identifying vulnerabilities and failure points in the organizational infrastructure
  • Help create better disaster recovery plans by identifying "weaknesses" and inefficiencies in existing processes
  • Determine the value of critical resources
  • Help in increasing business efficiency
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