Independent, Automated SaaS

Are you looking to drive more value from your existing SAP® system(s)?

SAP® migration & optimization

Want to green-light your SAP® HANA or SAP® S/4HANA digital transformation project?

This independent automated Software-as-a-Service assessment app replaces workshops & classical methods that teams used to use.

Significant budget savings & accuracy for SAP systems, delivering full AS-IS data about Level 6 business processes transactions and custom code usage across ALL modules & locations for all users.

Support for migrations to SAP S/4HANA, system comparisons and consolidations, software integrations, carve ins/outs, modernization, outsourcing, and ongoing monitoring.

Typically cut 99% of AS-IS assessment time, reduce the cost by >70%, reduce budget constraints & optimize ROI.

enhance competitiveness

Actual use of SAP® systems by end users will be transparent, including vulnerabilities existing in the operating and business processes.

Our KPI benchmarks are highest quality independent data with the SAP® system maturity model.

Based on the app’s results, time to value for customers is 1 day, down from the regular 9-12 months or more of typical migration services that rely on workshops with disruptive impacts to their organization.

Clients will be given clear recommendations of actions to be taken to achieve future readiness.

Future projects can be carried out with a reliable Business Case based on facts delivered in the app’s Results2Advice output and provide ongoing visibility with a 12-month license.


Do you lack facts about the health and usage of your SAP® systems?
  • Time to Value in just 1 Day
  • No workshops required
  • Accelerator for SAP S/4HANA Projects
  • Maturity of SAP-System and other KPIs automatically measured
  • Industry Benchmarks with >1,765 analyses in 15 industries
  • Any SAP system support with business process focus like ERP, CRM, HCM, SRM, SCM, APO, BW and Industry Solutions independent of any release level
  • Project and maintenance cost savings automatically calculated through included calculator
  • Integration to SAP Solution Manager
    • Process Analyses included based on 5-Level business process model from enterprise area till transaction Level, extended by Level 6 – Document types
    • Drill downs into clients, company codes and users possible, across all the SAP instance’s modules at all locations
    • SAP S/4HANA Migration Impacts automatically identified (quality and quantity) by mapping of used functionality on the SAP Simplification list
    • Ongoing Monitoring with regular update of benchmarks, business process models and simplification items
    • System comparisons possible for consolidations, carve in and carve out
    • Support for Generating Global Templates


    1. How can you drive more value from SAP® and create drill down decision support for prioritized business and technology transformations?

    2. How to optimize the transition to S/4HANA?

    3. How can you better understand the detail and implications on transformation of a specific SAP® footprint (to Level 6)?

    4. What is the ratio of vanilla Vs custom code; answering the “where” and the “why”?

    5. How many User Licenses are Passive Vs Active Users and cost for each?

    6. When was the last time SAP® licenses in any part of the SAP footprint were used?

    7. When was the last time the code was updated?

    8. How much of the SAP code is open to hackers and other security breeches?

    9. What does the unique roadmap for YOUR organization reveal and what is the best way to prioritize and optimize?

    10. How can you monitor the quality of transformation efforts quickly and reliably?

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