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IAASB: AICPA Accounting Standards Board OBJECTIVE:

The KPI Analyzer Security Pathfinder is designed to help companies that run on SAP to reduce the risk of failing the revised international and U.S. audit standards.
A material misstatement in SAP custom code can lead to failed audits.
The App’s Security Pathfinder widget produces 360° As-Is facts to prepare for the auditor to come in.


In just one 1-Day:
  • The App isolates and identifies self-developed (custom code) programs that have the option of changing SAP standard fields. (Example: manual change of the invoice amount after a booking) within an SAP system
  • Includes the site location, user, and document type for the custom code information required for remediation and audit review
  • Identifies authorization information of users who have access to the custom code and the analytics required to identify who actually used the custom code
  • Provides a report identifying the at-risk custom code requiring review and remediation …which can also be used to provide documentation for auditors

For ongoing monitoring and controls:
  • With licensed re-scans, the app enables an ongoing capability to monitor custom code for scheduled reviews, as-needed remediation, and compliance to IAASB and AICPA Standards
  • Provides both a control process and documentation required for internal and auditor use
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Are Business Executives prepared for their External Audit? 

Probably not.

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What is the urgency of IT as it relates to the IAASB audit standard? To avoid failing the company audit. The risk and urgency are internally developed custom code that may include manual adjustments, interfaces into wrong accounts, and a significant percentage of code that is unused, old, and not updated for SAP ERP systems.

Posts: KPI Analyzer Security Pathfinder

How will your organization effectively implement and reduce the risk of failing the revised IAASB ISA 315 2022 financial Audit standard for Custom Code? Read the articles below:

Video: KPI Analyzer Security Pathfinder

This round table panel discusses the finance audit security disruption boiling up at organizations that run on SAP. Four experts share their opinion about how the KPI Analyzer Security Pathfinder, helps decision-makers control the disruption. The new security audit standards, require 2022 compliance.


Learn how the risk is mitigated in this 10-minute round table video. 



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