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What Makes Us Different?

We bring together experience in the trenches of digital transformation and expertise in emerging technologies to improve business agility, productivity and performance.


Thought leadership company providing strategic, tactical, and employee solutions throughout organizations who want to either maximize existing ERP performance or to accelerate digital transformation, while reducing industry disruption risk, improving competitiveness, and lowering total cost.



One of the top AI and cognitive science organizations in the world, dedicated to helping healthcare organizations deliver the best predictions and outcomes for patients, while driving down costs and significantly personalizing patient care.

Our advanced analytics, big data, and cloud solutions have a systematic approach towards enterprise AI solutions.

  • Trusted AI partner for several Fortune 500 customers
  • Expertise in managing the cognitive journey for enterprise customers
  • Demonstrated capability in developing and deploying Enterprise AI applications
  • 99.99% Application uptime with minimal/no interruption



Enterprisefirm, employing pioneering technology for detecting cyber-threats that existing legacy systems cannot. Complete world-class turnkey cyber security solutions customized for your organization include:

  • 30 day Free trial; No commitment
  • Deployed in your environment
  • Installs in about 1 Hour; Results within days
  • Ongoing support through tiered levels you choose
  • Optional mobile app for system administrators
In 95% of organizations engaging in the free trial, the solutions find genuine cyber threats that others have missed.



Global enterprise with access to 250 Data Scientists, experienced in the use of unstructured, social, behavioral, device, MNO, bureau for real-time decisioning and predictive modeling.

  • Insurance/InsurTech
  • Financial Services/FinTech
  • Mortgages

How Do We...?

Are you moving forward or being left behind?

Ask yourself, what is the REAL COST of delaying a decision, or not making a decision at all?

What if we approach the problem from the inside out?

Because of the wide spread inability to utilize unstructured data, organizations are making critical decisions from only ~20% of the information available to them.

This often creates a silent, significant, and negative impact on business continuity and scalability because it greatly reduces the integrity of competent decision support.

Attacking the problem from an inside out approachallows companies to compete better in an economic environment that is constantly changing in response to technology evolutions.


Why Does it Matter?

When you unleash the full value of people, process, and technology, your organization can:
  • Leverage current investments in technology while preserving business initiatives, and enabling faster engagement of your workforce

  • Reduce or eliminate exposure, risk and liability threats to business continuity

  • Produce demonstrably faster results such as revenue generation, efficiency and effectiveness gains

  • Track progress of actual vs. targeted value-to-business outcomes in real-time

  • Ensure compliance with legislated and industry regulated requirements

  • Deliver repeatable, scalable results to consistently increase ROI and help make effective decisions

What's In It For Me?

Improve Business Agility, Productivity and Performance

Operations Perspective (Typical):

  • SAP Assessment (down to Level 6) Results in One Day
  • Implementation from Days to Weeks
  • ROI Starts in Weeks
  • 100% ROI in 4-12 Months

Capabilities Perspective (Ecosystem):

  • 20 years Cyber Security/Threat Detection & Prevention Expertise
  • Combined 20 years Direct Cross-Industry Experience in AI and ML Implementations
  • 10 Years AI and Cognitive Science Analytics and Technology

Organizational Perspective (Plug & Play):

  • Fully Customizable Solutions
  • Non-Disruptive Implementation ~99% Uptime
  • Short Implementation Eliminates Project Fatigue

Internal Perspective (People Side):

  • 20+ years Experience in Change Management
  • Focus on Supporting Ethical Business Practices
  • Go-Forward Change Readiness Strategies and Tools


How long will it take to see a Return on Investment?

Our clients typically begin to see a return on their investment in weeks not years!

We build multiple check points into our approach to enable the client to manage risks and costs.

Depending on the scope of the project, it may be possible to obtain a 100% ROI within 4-12 months, after which, because of the value and ROI we deliver, our projects can become self funding.



What is ?

A 360 Degree Transparent View of YOUR Business!

To remain competitive, businesses need to invest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as part of their digital transformation strategy.

In order to do that, automated platforms need to be robust and trustworthy, as they will be expected to manage high-value activities successfully. Existing systems are limited in scope and are not fine-tuned to process unstructured data from across the entire organization.

Clarity™ allows you to:

  1. understand the nuances of implementing your technologies
  2. consider the kinds of change management support you will need for your digital transformation journey to be successful.
The Clarity™ Framework 

The Clarity™ Framework is our proprietary tools, used across an organization, that guides all levels of the organization through their digital transformation journey.

Simply put, with Clarity™, your organization can:

  • Understand and implement digital transformation change readiness from a variety of different perspectives
  • Consolidate multiple sources of structured, semi-structured and unstructured predictive data 
  • Employ SMART technologies and software that adapts to customer behavior
  • Utilize real-time threat detection and prevention software to reduce cyber threats

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