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Why there is a need for

Organizations need to invest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Deep Learning to remain relevant.

In order to do that, automated platforms need to be robust and trustworthy, as they will be expected to manage high-value activities successfully.

Existing systems are limited in scope and are not fine-tuned to process unstructured data from across the entire organization.

Break down information silos and make data more available to key decision-makers across various disciplines.

What if...


All people, processes, technology, systems, and divisions of your business were fully integrated?

You could gather and leverage any sort of data derived from behavioral, social, unstructured and structured sources, and use that data to improve customer experience and enhance operational efficiency?

You could leverage technical skills, digital expertise, and data resources to mitigate risk, reduce or eliminate threats to business continuity?

You had strategies for using Data Science and new capabilities to successfully engage front line stakeholders?

What Is?

Clarity™ is Acquired Insights’ Framework for Consolidating Advanced Technologies

How Does Clarity™ Work?

Simply put, our Clarity™ Framework is a foundational approach
that gathers and leverages ANY SORT OF DATA for real-time root-cause, causal decision-support
Organizations can:

  • Create a full range of functional, agile and collaborative environments
  • Connect multiple entry points, across all industries, sectors, functions, and markets
  • Scale-as-you-go with secure End-to-End solutions to align Data, Technology and People

Building the Right Foundation




Putting it All Together: Why the Time is NOW

The Clarity™ Advantage

We believe that companies should think for themselves, control their technology, and innovate at their own pace and in their own way.

Unlike other offerings in the marketplace, Clarity™ is not limited to building out-of-the-box products and then selling them to companies. We provide a foundational approach that allows companies to gather and leverage any sort of data derived from behavioral, social, unstructured and structured means.

The only secure, closed-loop framework that exists in the market today, Clarity™ spiders through new files, finds and opens files, searches for content, identifies it, understands the context, compares its findings, creates relationships, gleans insights, predicts future events and suggests alternatives.

These insights are communicated both proactively and reactively. In other words, you can ask a question and get an answer based on all of the information available within its reach, or you can let the solution deliver notifications to you as needed.

Completely customizable to your specific organizational needs, our information capture methodology and analysis tools provide actionable, real-time insights to optimize the integration and productivity between business strategy, people, processes and technology. 


Check out use cases to see how Clarity™ can augment human work, decisions and interactions in your Organization.




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