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We want to solve the world's biggest problems.

Our commitment is to use advanced technology for the common good of our planet, human beings, and other members of our collective society.

Humans have a unique role in the ecosystem of planet earth and with that role comes tremendous responsibility, a responsibility that we at Acquired Insights take very seriously.

We are engaged in the design, development, and implementation of AI/ML solutions that impact the lives of sick young children with cancer by accelerating successful treatments through precision medicine; creating more disposable income for individuals and families through FinTech solutions; working to increase food production; advancing government and smart cities; optimizing manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, or other industries, 


A global company who is an innovative cross-industry Management Consulting and Strategic Solutions Aggregation firm, with considerable experience throughout the world. We specialize in rapidly implementing solutions that provide immediate, measurable, and scalable value.

We deliver these solutions by collaborating with a small handful of world class AI/ML firms and think tanks with a reputation for leading edge thoughtware and superior delivery capability.  Through us, our clients gainaccess to global thought leaders that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Let's start a conversation on what AI means to your organization and how initiatives become reality in AI/ML, predictive analytics, cyber security,  blockchain, industrial and/or humanoid robotics, chatbots and avatars, crypto currency, IoT or IioT.



The true value of AI/ML is in its ability to quickly draw actionable insights from unrelated data sets. To maximize success, we implement a disruptive solution in a non-disruptive way.

Through the aggregation of advanced technologies, we focus primarily on helping our clients unlock the trapped value of:

  • big, structured, semi-structured, unstructured, behavioral, and social data
  • unique knowledge (intellectual capital) held within your company

We leverage what you have now - your current disparate systems, technologies, processes and people - and optimize them to drive better decisions critical to business continuity.

Our solutions are so flexible, they can be used in a wide variety of industries AND are agnostic with respect to the source of data. Our extensive experience combines intelligence, technology, and human expertise to confront real-world issues with accurate, scalable, private and secure real-world tools and solutions.

Our Values

The following principles are important to us. If they are important to you, then let’s talk.


We take responsible, ethical AI very seriously. Data ethics is still new and it requires critical thinking. The Ethics and Social Responsibility of a company invariably decides the kind of clients, investors and team members it will attract. Our approach is based on clear principles to ensure everyone shares the same insights around what matters and where cross-functional teams can focus their efforts.



We will always deliver what we promise, and we will never promise something we can't deliver. We make certain that the solutions we deliver for our clients are in line with the organization’s values.



We work with people. Collective human intelligence is the most powerful tool an organization possesses.  By augmenting human work, decisions and interactions with machine learning and predictive analytics, unprecedented AI-driven insights can be used to enhance all levels of decision-making.



We are committed to creating a culture of learning and organic knowledge sharing that breaks down internal silos and supports transparency.contributing to a work environment that honors and respects the needs of each stakeholder. Our success is measured as a team, so we intentionally sit on the same side of the table as our clients.



We are on a mission to revolutionize the way intellectual capital is leveraged by encouraging man and machine to work symbiotically. The real value of AI/ML is in augmenting human knowledge in a way that has the most meaningful impact on our clients' business.



Businesses run on a variety of solutions. We believe that organizations should think for themselves, enhance and rely on their technology, and innovate at their own pace and in their own way. By offering adaptive and SMART solutions, our approach allows clients to gather and leverage any sort of data derived from behavioral, social, unstructured, semi-structured, as well as structured means.



We lead the way forward.  We are committed to creative problem solving and continual improvement that supports the goals and overall strategy of our clients'organization. What we do is hard, it’s rocket science, it’s not for the faint of heart, and only for those clients that truly want to quickly differentiate themselves from their competitors.


Meet Our Team

Experienced business specialists, meeting the unique needs of each client.
Gary L. Melling

Co-Founder, CEO & President

Tracey Fieber

Co-Founder & CSO

 Mike Everly

VP - Business Development, MO

Christine Bachman, PMP

VP - Business Development, CA


Frank A. Massey

VP - Business Development, ON

Drew Daly

VP - Business Development, NC

Jay Salvi

VP - Business Development, SK

Ty Currie

VP - Business Development, ON


Dan Sotirov

VP - Business Development, ON


Our Approach

It’s not a question of whether or not AI SHOULD be incorporated in your company,
But rather WHEN it should be implemented.
From an Internal Perspective:
  • Change Management Component
  • Human Resources Component
  • Supporting Ethical Business Practices
  • Project Management Component
From an Organizational Perspective:
  • Solutions are Fully Customizable
  • Non-Disruptive Implementation
  • Short Implementation Eliminates Project Fatigue
From an Operations Perspective (Typical):
  • Solution Implementation from Days to Weeks
  • ROI Starts in Weeks
  • 100% ROI in 4-12 Months
  • Solution Becomes Self-Funding
From a Capabilities Perspective:
  • 250 AI/ML Data Scientists
  • 20 years Direct Experience in AI/ML; Cross-Industry
  • 300 Person Years Invested in the Models Library
  • Software that Adapts to Customer Behavior


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PO Box 85154, 561 Brant Street,

Burlington, ON, L7R 2G0 Canada

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