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Acquired Insights has been created to cut through the hype, and help facilitate the broad adoption of AI in your organization. Our goal is to move you from siloed people, processes, technology, data, systems, and divisions to cross-functional collaboration and data-driven decision-making.
We bring together extensive experience in the trenches of digital transformation, anticipating the unique barriers to change,  to help you rewire your organization and scale for growth.
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What is Driving YOUR Business Decisions?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world we live in today.

Every company needs an effective decision support system and a way to manage the large quantities of data that are accumulated over the lifetime of an organization.

AI covers a broad range of technologies and applications. While capturing, analyzing, and retaining data is important, organizations struggle to quantify the business value of their data.

Too many companies and competitors talk about AI and make claims that aren't substantiated.

Business leaders across industry verticals understand it’s time to evolve beyond silos and work together to drive innovation and business value—or risk extinction.

Our foundational approach, Clarity™ combines intelligence, technology, expertise and considerable experience to offer new models that help companies make better decisions based on expected future results. For example:


Fraud/Risk Mitigation

Threat Detection & Prevention

Improved Conversions

Behavior Forecasting& Social Analytics

Data Quality Management

Enhanced Customer Journey

Demand Forecasting

Predictive Maintenance

Supply Chain Management

KPI Optimization




Flexibility, Speed & Convenience

For an AI solution to be effective, it needs access to massive amounts of enterprise data from which to learn.

To harness this data, organizations require  secure, intelligent and flexible enterprise-wide critical decision support tools.

Scale-as-you-go with

Facilitated by our foundational approach, Acquired Insights' Clarity™ framework combines sophisticated technologies, advanced analytical insights and human expertise to create secure, end-to-end solutions for individual problems. Scale for growth and guaranteed ROI.


Create a full range of functional, agile and collaborative environments.

Our multi-faceted, non-intrusive Clarity™ framework consolidates: connected devices, AI & machine learning, blockchain, data analytics, and platforms.  Clarity™ is so flexible, it can be used in a wide variety of industries AND is agnostic with respect to the source of data.

Deliver the Right Information, at the Right Time, to the Right Person


Concepts like AI, big data, machine learning and predictive analytics are an essential part of everyday modern business. But, how does knowledge become a TANGIBLE asset?

Intelligent Automation Tools.

Knowledge is power and a key driver of business continuity. The unique intellectual capital held in your company provides a distinct competitive advantage if you can fully access it and exploit its potential.

When intelligent automation addresses human needs and leverages human expertise -  knowledge is converted into the most valuable new asset in your company.

Through our KaZam! App, your smart device becomes a distinctly unique user interface.

Tacit and explicit knowledge from massive volumes of disparate sources of data are transformed into real-time, actionable insights, predictions AND suggestions. KaZam! delivers the right information, at the right time, to the right person - securely.

The real beauty happens when KaZam! is combined with advanced machine learning and predictive analytics . Knowledge management can now be planned, budgeted and controlled not only as a technology investment, but as a TANGIBLE capital asset.

digital business ecosystem

Cyber Security - Real-Time Threat Detection &Prevention

The average cost of a data breach in 2020 will exceed $150 million.
By 2021 cyber crime will cost $6 Trillion Annually; in 2015 that figure was $3 Trillion

AI & ML play a significant role in the ongoing fight against cyber crime. All the data in the world is useless unless vulnerabilities are addressed before critical infrastructure is compromised. The use of AI & ML can help broaden the horizons of existing cyber security solutions and pave the way to create new ones.

Whether it is network security, behavioral analytics, vulnerability management, or phishing detection, AI & ML tools are indispensable when dealing with cyber security. 


How secure is your most sensitive data?

Are you able to: 

  • Identify anomalies and system breeches that lead to data compromise - in near real time?
  • Detect threats and malicious activities using dynamic "patterns of life" for users and devices?
  • Pinpoint phishing emails and other malware sent to unsuspecting employees and contractors?
  • Use one flexible platform to customize and scale cyber security solutions across the enterprise, industrial, network, email, and cloud components of your IT ecosystem?
Quick Facts:

The average breech takes 191 days to detect using conventional tools - we detect and shut down breeches in seconds.

Traditional solutions are old, historical patches, our recursive tools constantly refine their accuracy in near real time.

94% of attacks start with an email, yet traditional security controls are historical patches and continue to fall short. The situation is getting worse, as spear phishing, impersonation attacks, and deep fakes gain in subtlety and sophistication.

Cyber AI is a scalable self-learning technology – like the human immune system, it learns ‘on the job’, from the data and activity that it observes in situ. This means making billions of probability-based calculations in light of evolving evidence.

Our Machine Learning and AI algorithms detect and respond to cyber threats across diverse digital environments including cloud and virtualized networks, IoT, and industrial control systems.


Capitalize on Social & Behavioral Data

Educated guesses based on human analysis of historical data is putting business at risk, leaving a critical gap – and money on the table.

Necessary integrations can be complex, hampering many companies from committing resources to digital transformation initiatives.

Acquired Insights understands these complexities. Through our Clarity™ Framework, we help organizations consolidate multiple sources of structured, semi-structured and unstructured predictive data to create a 360◦ real-time view of their business. 

Simply put, every medical procedure, credit application, Facebook post, movie recommendation, e-mail, and purchase of any kind — each positive or negative outcome, each successful or failed event or transaction can be captured, analyzed and acted on.

No Trial and Error
Using a combination of AI, machine learning, and predictive behavioral analytics,
human behavior can be quantified — IN REAL-TIME.

Rapid implementation of a fully customized, functional, predictive solution for a fraction of the time and cost it would take to build such a system in-house. Our solutions bridge the gap between disparate systems, processes, technology and people - effectively reducing exposure, risk, and liability.

Augment Human Work, Decisions and Interactions

From AI-driven chatbots to sophisticated robo-advisors, robo-underwriters, and robo-medical assistants, our virtual/digital robots can be used in a variety of business functions. For example:


Financial Services/Insurance and Telecom

  • Robo-underwriting
  • Contact centers
  • Customer service/bank teller training
  • Increasing Average Revenue per User
  • Customer satisfaction/retention
  • Strategic workforce optimization
  • Profitability forecasting and realization


  • Increasing operating efficiencies by 20%
  • Reducing costs by 30%, reducing fraud by 30%
  • Reducing staff turnover by 20% - 50%. 
  • Through our Robo-Medical Assistant we can suggest best test, treatment and procedures to optimize successful outcomes and quality of care based on symptoms, patient profile, medical history and diagnosis, thereby increasing quality of care and medical procedures outcome by 5-10%.

Through our collaboration with Hanson Robotics, we are now exploring the licensing of humanoid robots to large and mid-market Financial Services Industry (FSI) and insurance firms to assist in the training of underwriters, analysts, agents, tellers and customer service representatives, as well as developing customized humanoid robot solutions for the healthcare industry. 

If this interests and excites your Senior Executive Team, get in touch with us to learn more!

re-imagine the status quo

Exploit ALL your data for authentic business insights and improved decision making.
With Clarity™ you can:
  • SIMPLIFY- streamline and optimize the online user experience

  • CUSTOMIZE - improve compliance and risk control, customer life cycle management; supports next-best-action optimization

  • PERSONALIZE - quantify digital body language and behavioural cues across multiple devices, digital products and customer touch points

  • ITERATE – real-time omni-channel ecosystem, adaptive pricing, risk selection, at-risk clients, fraud, triage, ID trends, and more

  • INNOVATE – enterprise applications of robotics, chatbots, cognitive technology, natural language processing (NLP), block chain

  • AUTOMATE – reduce or eliminate highly repetitive and routine manual activities; data collection and data quality management (DQM)

  • CONVERT – analyze thousands of unique behavioral data points and predict outcomes in real-time to increase conversion rates

  • CONTROL - optimize customer-product behavioral dynamics based on business objectives (KPI’s)

  • RETAIN – tailor products and services to deliver highly targeted, personalized offers, deliver a seamless multi-channel experience, improve cross-sell/upsell

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What Clients Say

"We have been engaged in hackathons and skunk work projects with other vendors for the past 18 months. You have shown me more about how AI/ML can specifically benefit our business in the first 30 minutes of our meeting than they have in 18 months.

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The need for organizations to have a Digital Transformation strategy
is NOT ONLY to gain a competitive edge,
We cut through the hype by bringing together cutting-edge experience in the trenches of digital transformation that increase operational efficiency, enable faster more informed decisions and innovation of new products and services.

Drive strategic impact in your organization today!

Adaptable and Industry-Agnostic

We deliver repeatable, scalable results for effective decision support that consistently increases ROI.

We use our considerable experience to offer new models that positively impact financial results in a variety of industries:

  • Financial Services
  • FinTech
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Insurance
  • InsurTech
  • Telecom
  • Manufacturing




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